Urban Governance
and Design

By 2050, two out of every three people are likely to be living in cities or other urban centers, and most of the increase is expected to be highly-concentrated in a handful of countries, including China. Rapid urbanization and growth of cities call for high-quality public services and effective governance to make urban places more livable. The study of cities becomes an increasingly cross-disciplinary enterprise. Our program employs cross-disciplinary perspectives, and analyzes the data on cities from different sources (including population census, surveys, administrative and big data) to address critical issues in contemporary urban governance and design.
Urban Governance and Design aims to train the next generation of leaders in conducting cutting-edging innovative research on cities through cross-disciplinary approaches to solve complex urban problems.
  • Education, Employment and Labor Markets
  • Migration, Inequality, and Social Inclusion
  • Population, Health, and Ageing
  • GIS and Spatial Analysis
  • Smart City
  • Transportation and Communication Infrastructure
  • Regional and Urban Economic Development
Ge Lin KAN
Acting Thrust Head
Urban Governance and Design Thrust
As the acting head of Urban Governance and Design Thrust, I welcome you to the UGOD. our Thrust fosters research, education, and community service leading to improvements in urban living, urban environments, and sustained urban developments. Blending socioeconomic, spatial, and design perspectives, our diverse faculty conduct research in their areas of urban governance and design. Graduate students are typically clustered around their faculty advisers by taking courses and working on projects. Both faculty and graduate students use cross-disciplinary approaches to tackle wicked urban development and renewal problems. Together, we provide leadership to improve city lives in GBA and beyond. We encourage brilliant students to apply for our Mphil and Ph.D programs and we welcome inquiries from citizens and applications from prospective students