• February
    Establishment of CNCC Thrust
  • June
    MSc in Technology and Policy approved by Ministry of Education for student admission
  • June
    MPhil/PhD in FTEC/IPE/UGOD approved by Ministry of Education for student admission
  • July
    MSc in Technology and Policy approved by HKUST Senate
  • Summer
    22 faculty members report duty
  • August
    Move to new campus
  • September
    Grand Opening of HKUST(GZ), First Student Orientation, First Expanded Hub Board Meeting
  • November
    UG program under development
  • October
    MBA+ program approved by HKUST Senate
  • Summer
    10 faculty members report duty
  • February
    First success in recruitment
  • April
    MPhil/PhD in FTEC approved by HKUST Senate
  • June
    MPhil/PhD in IPE and UGOD approved by HKUST senate
  • Summer
    Establishment of Society Hub
  • December
    Establishment of 3 Thrusts: FTEC, IPE, UGOD
Carbon Neutrality and Climate Change addresses key national priorities, trains next generation of leaders who face global challenges of climate change, seize opportunities of the new industrial revolution, and develop technical, institutional and policy solutions for a shared sustainable future.
Financial Technology is an important emerging area that has been developing rapidly in recent years. It refers to the application of cutting-edge technologies and advanced analytics on various financial services, such as mobile banking, peer-to-peer lending, digital payments, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies, aiming to improve service efficiency, promote financial innovations, and increase end-user satisfaction.
Innovation, Policy and Entrepreneurship is an emerging interdisciplinary area that has become increasing important in recent years in addressing global challenges in governance and provision of private and public goods and services. IPE focuses on linkages among innovation, entrepreneurship, and public policy in development of human society. This interdisciplinary program prepares the next generation of leaders in solving problems at the interface of technology and society through innovation in technology, institution, policy, entrepreneurship, and business model.
Urban Governance and Design aims to train the next generation of leaders in conducting cutting-edging innovative research on cities through cross-disciplinary approaches to solve complex urban problems.
As of January 2024
Regular faculty
Affiliate Professor
Professor of Practice
Adjunct Professor
Male/ Female Ratio:
2 : 1
Distribution of Final Degree Institutions
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As of January 2024
230 Student in Total
92 PHD
Financial Technology
Innovation, Policy and Entrepreneurship
Urban Governance and Design
Male/ Female Ratio:
4 : 5
Distribution of Final Degree Institutions