Call for Papers and Panels-The Ninth AP-PPN Conference, April 25-27, 2024 (Submission deadline extended to March 10)
Date: 16 Nov 2023

The Asia Pacific Public Policy Network (AP-PPN) has facilitated scholarly communication and exchanges among academics, students and practitioners of public policy across the region since its founding in 2016. Following its successful conferences in the past 8 years, the Innovation, Policy and Entrepreneurship Thrust at HKUST(GZ) is honored to host its Ninth Annual Conference at the University’s campus in Guangzhou from April 25 to April 27, 2024.

Conference Theme: Transforming Asia: Fostering Governance and Policy Innovations for Technological, Entrepreneurial, and Sustainable Development

Call for Paper and Panels

The dynamics of public policy in Asia are in flux, with rapid technological advancements presenting both challenges and opportunities. The region's ascent on the global stage accentuates the need to harness innovation for sustainable and equitable growth. However, the path towards economic and social prosperity in Asia is fraught with challenges like environmental degradation, resource scarcity, and social disparities. Tackling these issues requires a multidimensional approach that synergizes technology, entrepreneurship, and sustainability, setting the stage for the transformation of Asia.

This transformation necessitates innovative policy and governance solutions that entwine technology, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. The rapid pace of technological progress demands governance that not only keeps up but also anticipates future ethical considerations. Entrepreneurship is a beacon of economic vitality, dependent on policies that encourage robust start-up ecosystems and equitable outcomes. Similarly, sustainability's expanded remit to cover economic and social stability requires policies that holistically integrate all three domains.

We call upon scholars from diverse fields such as public policy, public administration, innovation studies, technology management, economics, and environmental sustainability to contribute their research. Submissions should focus on the role of government and public policy in mediating the relationship between technology, entrepreneurship, and sustainability, with the goal of identifying policy innovations that can catalyze Asia's transformation.

A number of editors (editor-in-chief, co-editor, and associate editor) in journals in public policy and management, including Policy & Society, Policy Sciences, Policy Design and Practices, Journal of Chinese Governance, Urban Governance, Journal of Environment Policy and Planning, Public Management Review (Chinese), Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting & Financial Management, Research Policy and Information Technology and Management Application (Chinese), will join the conference. The editors’ forum will provide opportunities for researcher-editor dialogues and exchanges regarding current scholarship frontiers as well as emerging and underexplored topics warranting future attention.

Panel proposals are warmly welcome!

Submission Requirement & Deadline

Proposals for papers must include an abstract (500-word maximum), paper title and author’s name, institution, title and email address, etc. Proposals for panels must include a panel title, panel description (300-word maximum), one Chairperson and information of at least three papers.

To submit your paper/panel proposal, please fill in the form by March 10, 2024 at

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